When the PhaseID System was first introduced more than 12 years ago, it cost more than $20,000. Like most electronic items (PCs, digital cameras, etc.) costs have plummeted.

Today you can obtain the benefits of phase identification for under $5,000.

The PhaseID System has been used to identify hundreds of thousands of phase attributes by hundreds of different users and is now a mature field proven product. There is no longer any question if it works or not.

Field Probe
PhaseID Manual Field Probe (Lineman or Handheld) Call
PhaseID Datalogger Field Probe (G3) Call

PhaseID Manual Lineman Field Probe comes with the following accessories: Ground cable, bushing pin, overhead hook, and soft carrying case.
PhaseID Handheld Field Probes (Manual or G3) come with a soft carrying case.  
Base Station  
PhaseID Base Station Call

Base Stations consist of Coupler, Window antenna, and Software.
Optional Accessories  
Secondary Adapter (for Manual Lineman) $ 250
Field PC Call
Replacements for Manual Lineman Field Probe Accessories  
Coiled Ground Cable $ 150
Overhead Hook $ 100
Bushing Pin $ 75
Lineman Field Probe Soft Case $ 150
Handheld (Manual or G3) Field Probe Soft Case $ 75


To provide the lowest cost and greatest service to our customers, Origo sells the PhaseID System both direct to customers and through distributors.

If you have a favorite distributor you wish to purchase from, have them contact Origo.

All aspects of the PhaseID System are documented, illustrated, and explained on this website.

In the USA, phone demos are conducted by Origo mailing a field probe to the customer which is used in conjunction with one of our remote base stations.

Note: Some of Origo's past representatives still advertise the PhaseID System on their websites. However, much of their posted information is out of date. Please refer to this website for all information on the PhaseID System and contact Origo Corporation directly if you have any questions or wish to place an order.


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