With more than 50 field probes, Arizona Public Service (APS) is our largest customer and has implemented the PhaseID System as an integral part of their overall system enhancement and maintenance philosophy. This is not surprising since APS was one of the 3 winners worldwide of the 2008 Edison Award for innovation.

(Click here for reprint of a T&D World article of the PhaseID System at APS)

Nearly all our customers have gone on to purchase multiple field probes after becoming familiar with their initial unit.


This is a partial list of our USA customers. Many utilities own multiple field probes and some utilities operate in multiple regions. As the PhaseID System was sold for many years through representatives and distributors, Origo is not aware of all users. Origo also has customers in Australia, Canada, China, England, India, Jamaica, New Zealand, Virgin Islands, and Taiwan.

  • AEP Ohio
  • AEP Texas
  • Arizona Public Service
  • Beauregard Electric
  • Big Country
  • Cap Rock Energy
  • Canoochee EMC
  • Central New Mexico EC
  • Central Vermont
  • City of Florence Utilities
  • City of Newark
  • City of St. George
  • Clallam County PUD
  • Clay Electric
  • Comlink Land Services
  • Coserv Electric
  • CPS Energy San Antonio
  • Delta Montrose Electric
  • Farmers EC
  • First Energy (Ohio Edison)
  • Garkane Energy
  • Global Mapping Solutions
  • Golden Valley EA
  • Grayson-Collin Electric
  • Greenwood Electric
  • Heber Light & Power
  • Highline Electric
  • Infrastrux T&D Services
  • Inland Power & Light
  • Lamb County EC
  • La Plata Electric Association
  • MasTec
  • McLean Engineering Company
  • Mishawaka Utilities
  • Murray City Power
  • National Security Technologies
  • New Corp Resources Electric
  • Orcas Power & Light
  • Oregon Trails Electric
  • Pacificorp Oregon
  • Pacificorp Utah
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Power Line Services
  • Prairie Power
  • Roanoke Electric
  • Standard Utility Construction
  • Sangre De Cristo Electric
  • San Miguel Power
  • Southern Maryland EC
  • Soyland Power
  • Taylor Electric
  • Texas State Utilities
  • Texoma Powerline
  • Tri-County
  • Trinty Valley Electric
  • Vectren Energy
  • Westar Energy
  • Willbros T&D Services

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