Origo offers a PhaseID System for each utility’s different phase identification requirements.

To obtain the benefits of phase identification at the lowest possible cost, purchase our manual field probe only system and use it with reference phase data from one of Origo’s free remote base stations.

To obtain the most advanced phase identification system available, purchase our G3 Handheld Datalogger field probe and G3 base station to instantly determine and datalog the phase attribute, GPS location, and any desired user notes to a data file. This data file can then be imported into your GIS or other database.

Origo PhaseID field probes are available in either Manual or Datalogger versions. Manual versions are available as either a Lineman or Handheld field probe. The Datalogger version is available in G3 Handheld.

In summary, you have three standard models you can choose from depending on your phasing requirements. Choose either a Lineman Manual, Handheld Manual, or G3 Handheld Datalogger field probe. Origo also offers a Wired Handheld model developed for use in India.

PhaseID Manual Field Probes

The PhaseID manual field probes provide the simplest and lowest cost remote phase identification system available. Use it to gather phase measurements on any energized voltage anywhere in your utility.

The manual field probes are controlled with a single push button and no cell phone or other real-time communications are required. Simply enter the field probe’s measurement sequence, displayed on the LCD, into the base station at any time using any convenient method. Write it down, call it in, or covert it to phase attribute using your truck PC.

Origo’s manual field probes are especially popular with small utilities who only require phase identification intermittently and want a low cost phasing solution. By using reference phase data from one of Origo’s free remote base stations, only a field probe needs to be purchased.

PhaseID Datalogger Field Probe

The PhaseID G3 Handheld Datalogger field probe operates similar to Manual field probes but also includes a long range Class 1 bluetooth module for communication of the measurement sequence to a field PC.

The field PC records the measurement sequence and its GPS location to a data file. The software also allows the user to enter any notes, such as circuit or meter number, which are also recorded to the data file. If live Internet access is available and the utility owns a base station, the measurement sequence is converted to phase attribute in real-time and displayed on both the field PC and field probe. Alternatively, the user can batch translate all measurement sequences into phase attribute later using reference phase data from either their own base station or from one of Origo’s free remote base stations.

Origo’s Datalogger field probes are designed to accommodate the needs of even the largest utilities who desire to automate the collection of hundreds of thousands of phase attributes and transfer them to a GIS or other database.

PhaseID Lineman Field Probe

The PhaseID Lineman field probe is designed to be used with an insulated hot stick or extendo stick. On distribution voltages, the probe directly touches the conductor. On high transmission voltages, the probe is held in proximity to the conductor without actually touching the conductor. Using proximity, the probe can phase identify HV transmission lines at any voltage.

The advantage of the Lineman field probe is that the user can touch the actual conductor whose phase is being identified, irrespective of other conductors and phases around the conductor being identified. In contrast, the Manual Handheld field probe cannot be directly used in some crowded conductor situations without first following the line a short distance to a less crowded location.

The Lineman field probe comes with Overhead Hook, Bushing Pin, Ground Cable, and Soft Case accessories. The ground cable is used on low voltage conductors and optionally on distribution voltages. When used on distribution voltages, the Lineman field probe operates as a precision phase meter.

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PhaseID Handheld Field Probe

The PhaseID Handheld field probe does not directly contact the conductor. Therefore, it can be used by utility personnel other than linemen, such as meter readers. The Handheld can be used on any non-shielded conductor which includes 120V wall sockets, elbow capacitive test points, residential meters, transformer bushings, transformer secondary conductors, and single and 3-phase overhead conductors at any distribution or transmission voltage.

The primary advantage of the Handheld field probe is that it allows you to easily obtain phase attributes on high overhead lines. Phase identifying high overhead 3-phase lines using the Lineman field probe on the end of a 60 foot extendo stick can easily be a 20 minute task. In contrast, the Handheld field probe can do this same phasing task in 20 seconds even in high winds, or rain (if you place a plastic bag over your hand and probe).

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PhaseID Wired Handheld Field Probe

Origo also offers our Manual Handheld field probe with an attached power cord that can be plugged directly into a standard wall socket. This probe was developed to support the Restructured-Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme (R-APDRP) in India. Power cords for standard wall sockets of other countries can also be provided to allow the Wired Handheld field probe to be used in any country.

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PhaseID Base Station

The PhaseID base station plugs into any wall socket anywhere within your utility and provides a phase reference for the PhaseID Manual and Datalogger field probes. The base station also acts as a server for Datalogger field PCs over the Internet. To use the Datalogger field probe in real-time mode, a base station is required.

A single base station will support any number of simultaneous field probes. Unlike current cell phone based phase identification systems, no dedicated phone line is required and field probe users will not get a busy signal if another field probe is in use.

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  Optional Accessories

Secondary Adapter

This adapter screws onto the end of a Manual Lineman field probe and plugs into a 120V wall socket. It provides a convenient method of identifying the phase attribute feeding a residence simply by plugging the adapter into any residence wall socket.

Verizon Wireless Network Data Modem

If you don't currently have an Aircard, The Verizon Jetpack wireless hotspot works well. The Verizon network appears to have the widest US coverage.

Iridium Satellite Data

An Iridium satellite phone can be used to provide Datalogger base station server connectivity anywhere on the planet. It can be used when terrestrial Internet access is not available.

Field PC

Many utilities already have laptop computers mounted in their trucks. For those who do not, Origo can select an appropriate model and pre-configure it with the field PC software.

The new small low-cost netbook PCs now available have more than enough resources to support the Datalogger field PC software.


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