MB0414WM/WD Wired Handheld Field Probe

The Wired Handheld field probe is available in a Manual version (MB0414HM).

The probe consists of short tube, a mounted instrument box, and an attached power cord. It comes with a soft case. It is designed to be handheld and plugged into a 120/240V standard wall socket. It can be used by non-lineman.

The instrument box contains a GPS receiver, a microprocessor, and a liquid crystal display (LED). The probe is operated using a single push button. Bright daylight visible status lights are placed on the end of the instrument box. The manual version will operate continuously for approximately 20 hours (intermittently for weeks) on 3 standard AAA batteries.

U.S. Patent 6,667,610 and U.S. Patent 7,031,859


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