Datalogger Field PC

Each Datalogger phase measurement is instantly recorded by time and date to a record file on the user supplied field PC.

If Internet access is available, the phase attribute is instantly determined and displayed via LEDs on the Datalogger field probe and as phase attribute and phase error on the field PC.

Phase measurements that are decoded in real-time are marked with a green dot. If real-time base station communication is not available, the measurement is marked with a red dot. Red dot measurements can be decoded later when base communication is available simply by selecting them and clicking on Confirm Readback.

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Datalogger Field PC.

To the right of the Selected Measurement drop-down is a user input popup icon. Clicking on this icon allows up to 6 fields of user inputs to be entered and saved with each measurement. The number of fields and their labels are defined by the user in the setup screen.

To the right of the user input icon is a GPS icon. Clicking on this icon commands the Datalogger to take a GPS measurement without taking a phase measurement. A GPS popup appears with the coordinates. The popup also contains a Google map link.

To the right of the GPS icon is a batch decode icon. By placing a copy of the base station PC daily file in the field PC and clicking on this icon, all phase measurements in the record file will be batch decoded to phase attributes. That is, all red dots will be decoded to green dots.

U.S. Patents 6,667,610 & 7,031,859 & PhaseID Datalogger 8,533,121. PhaseID Handheld Patent Pending.


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Datalogger Field PC

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