The MB0414C Coupler

This Coupler has been replaced by the G3 Coupler.

The Coupler powers the Rooftop Antenna, obtains the reference phase measurement from a 120/240V wall outlet, and sends GPS and reference phase data to the PC. Two serial port outlets allow 2 separate PCs to receive the data. Status lights on the Coupler unit are provided to confirm that it is operating properly.

U.S. Patent 6,667,610 and U.S. Patent 7,031,859


The MB0414B Base Station

The MB0414C Coupler

MB0414A Rooftop Antenna

MB0414LM/LD Lineman Field Probe

MB0414SC Lineman Soft Case

MB0414HC Lineman Hard Case

MB0414P Lineman Bushing Pin

MB0414OH Lineman Overhead Hook

MB0414G Lineman Ground Cable

MB0414S Lineman Secondary Adapter

MB0414HM/HD Handheld Field Probe

MB0414HSC Handheld Soft Case

MB0414WM/WD Wired Handheld Field Probe

Datalogger Field PC

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